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Airline Timetable Delay statistics
Air Asia (India) Private Limited
Country: IN
> ArrivalsFlightOriginTime
MondayI5830Kolkata (IN)02:19
MondayI51528Bengaluru (IN)08:45
MondayI5767Mumbai (IN)09:20
MondayI5749Bengaluru (IN)01:20
MondayI5766Vishakhapatnam Airport (IN)01:00
TuesdayI5789Jaipur (IN)00:50
TuesdayI5767Chhatrapati Shivaji Int. Airport (IN)09:20
TuesdayI5549Ranchi (IN)14:10
TuesdayI5768Bagdogra (IN)14:35
TuesdayI5559Srinagar (IN)14:39
WednesdayI5547Kolkata (IN)03:45
WednesdayI5767Mumbai (IN)09:20
WednesdayI5710Srinagar (IN)09:06
WednesdayI5712Vishakhapatnam (IN)11:10
WednesdayI5745Ranchi (IN)11:30
WednesdayI5549Birsa Munda Airport (IN)14:10
WednesdayI5713Srinagar (IN)15:46
WednesdayI5330Mumbai (IN)21:35
WednesdayI5786Guwahati (IN)22:45
ThursdayI5789Jaipur (IN)00:50
ThursdayI5722Bengaluru International Airport (IN)03:10
ThursdayI5547Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Airport (IN)03:45
ThursdayI5738Pune Airport (IN)03:35
ThursdayI5315Goa (IN)10:59
ThursdayI5792Kochi (IN)11:31
ThursdayI5798Guwahati (IN)11:50
ThursdayI5745Ranchi (IN)11:30
ThursdayI5549Ranchi (IN)14:10
ThursdayI5713Srinagar (IN)15:46
ThursdayI5747Srinagar International Airport (IN)18:00
ThursdayI5788Guwahati (IN)21:25
ThursdayI5550Kochi (IN)21:35
ThursdayI5330Mumbai (IN)21:22
ThursdayI5749Bengaluru (IN)01:30
ThursdayI5766Vishakhapatnam (IN)01:00
ThursdayI5774Goa (IN)01:56
ThursdayI5830Kolkata (IN)01:55
FridayI5789Jaipur (IN)00:50
FridayI5749Bengaluru (IN)03:07
FridayI5722Bengaluru International Airport (IN)03:10
FridayI5553Srinagar (IN)08:09
FridayI5792Kochi (IN)11:46
FridayI5798Guwahati (IN)11:07
FridayI5745Ranchi (IN)11:14
FridayI5739Srinagar (IN)19:20
FridayI5550Cochin International Airport (IN)21:34
FridayI5737Srinagar (IN)21:34
FridayI5830Kolkata (IN)01:55
SaturdayI5722Bengaluru (IN)04:49
SaturdayI51528Bengaluru (IN)08:35
SaturdayI5767Mumbai (IN)09:03
SaturdayI5768Bagdogra (IN)14:43
SundayI5722Bengaluru (IN)03:39
SundayI5738Pune (IN)03:12
Disclaimer: the above timetable is given as an indication. Furthermore, codeshared flights may not be displayed.

The last delays recently noted:

AirlineFlightDelay on departureDelay on arrival
I5745 on 06/2022
I5792 on 06/2022
I5766 on 05/2022
I51528 on 05/2022
I5559 on 04/2022
I5741 on 04/2022
I5560 on 03/2022
I5738 on 03/2022
I5774 on 03/2022
I5774 on 03/2022
I5830 on 03/2022
I5749 on 03/2022
I5774 on 03/2022
I5830 on 03/2022
I5738 on 03/2022
I5745 on 03/2022
I5722 on 02/2022
I5738 on 02/2022
I5786 on 02/2022
I5738 on 02/2022
I5799 on 02/2022
I5784 on 02/2022
I5766 on 01/2022
I5784 on 01/2022
I5788 on 12/2021
I5830 on 12/2021
I5784 on 12/2021
I5749 on 12/2021
I5766 on 12/2021
I5774 on 12/2021
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Moderate or heavy rain in area with thunder
Humidity: 84%
Wind: N at 4km/h
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