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Air India
Country: IN
> ArrivalsFlightOriginTime
MondayAI1912Ahmedabad (IN)04:30
MondayAI635Indore (IN)10:39
MondayAI425Kannur (IN)13:10
MondayAI381Singapore (SG)13:09
MondayAI186Vancouver (CA)13:15
MondayAI880Bagdogra (IN)16:00
MondayAI404Rajkot (IN)16:31
MondayAI503Bengaluru (IN)19:40
MondayAI660Mumbai (IN)19:55
MondayAI916Dubai (AE)01:28
MondayAI1816Dubai (AE)01:56
MondayAI184San Francisco (US)02:02
MondayAI834Kochi (IN)01:25
MondayAI140Ben Gurion International Airport (IL)07:00
TuesdayAI1912Ahmedabad (IN)01:36
TuesdayAI884Goa (IN)03:45
TuesdayAI425Kozhikode (IN)13:13
TuesdayAI486Vishakhapatnam (IN)14:35
TuesdayAI826Srinagar (IN)14:32
TuesdayAI405Varanasi (IN)14:35
TuesdayAI880Bagdogra (IN)16:05
TuesdayAI858Pune (IN)17:51
TuesdayAI879Kolkata (IN)21:14
TuesdayAI850Pune (IN)21:18
TuesdayAI142Paris (FR)07:35
TuesdayAI834Kochi (IN)23:52
TuesdayAI120Frankfurt (DE)07:53
TuesdayAI974Seeb International Airport (OM)03:27
WednesdayAI996Dubai (AE)04:50
WednesdayAI974Muscat (OM)04:33
WednesdayAI824Vadodara (IN)08:10
WednesdayAI864Mumbai (IN)09:08
WednesdayAI852Pune (IN)09:47
WednesdayAI494Surat Gujarat (IN)09:08
WednesdayAI806Mumbai (IN)09:46
WednesdayAI412Lucknow (IN)09:51
WednesdayAI930Dubai (AE)15:50
WednesdayAI446Leh (IN)13:09
WednesdayAI236Yangon (MM)15:27
WednesdayAI418Ranchi (IN)15:27
WednesdayAI482Bhopal (IN)15:39
WednesdayAI404Rajkot (IN)16:51
WednesdayAI822Satwari Airport (IN)17:05
WednesdayAI802Trivandrum International Airport (IN)21:59
WednesdayAI834Cochin International Airport (IN)23:22
WednesdayAI992Jeddah (SA)05:16
WednesdayAI972Hamad International Airport (QA)05:09
WednesdayAI940Bahrain International Airport (BH)04:50
WednesdayAI480Amritsar (IN)00:01
ThursdayAI996Dubai Airport (AE)05:09
ThursdayAI184San Francisco (US)04:35
ThursdayAI460Vijayawada (IN)10:59
ThursdayAI425Kozhikode (IN)13:28
ThursdayAI102New York (US)11:34
ThursdayAI501Bengaluru International Airport (IN)15:45
ThursdayAI878Biju Patnaik International Airport (IN)15:46
ThursdayAI880Bagdogra (IN)15:39
ThursdayAI482Raja Bhoj Airport (IN)15:43
ThursdayAI416Patna (IN)20:45
ThursdayAI850Pune (IN)21:23
ThursdayAI916Dubai (AE)01:16
ThursdayAI140Tel Aviv-Yafo (IL)06:49
ThursdayAI972Doha (QA)04:52
FridayAI996Dubai Airport (AE)06:33
FridayAI852Pune (IN)09:30
FridayAI470Raipur (IN)09:30
FridayAI436Bhopal (IN)09:25
FridayAI381Singapore (SG)11:45
FridayAI309Melbourne (AU)16:53
FridayAI543Hyderabad (IN)11:55
FridayAI809Mumbai (IN)12:00
FridayAI402Kolkata (IN)12:20
FridayAI126Chicago (US)11:49
FridayAI446Leh (IN)16:10
FridayAI886Goa (IN)16:35
FridayAI404Rajkot (IN)16:51
FridayAI822Jammu (IN)16:42
FridayAI408Patna (IN)17:25
FridayAI539Chennai (IN)20:32
FridayAI660Mumbai (IN)20:28
FridayAI416Patna (IN)20:24
FridayAI820Vadodara Airport (IN)21:35
FridayAI120Frankfurt (DE)08:20
FridayAI974Muscat (OM)02:55
SaturdayAI1896Dubai (AE)05:01
SaturdayAI864Chhatrapati Shivaji Int. Airport (IN)08:55
SaturdayAI824Vadodara (IN)08:35
SaturdayAI440Chennai (IN)09:59
SaturdayAI806Mumbai (IN)09:58
SaturdayAI442Aurangabad (IN)18:30
SaturdayAI466Cochin International Airport (IN)23:57
SaturdayAI972Doha (QA)05:25
SundayAI622Indore (IN)02:45
SundayAI884Goa (IN)03:26
SundayAI864Chhatrapati Shivaji Int. Airport (IN)08:55
SundayAI806Mumbai (IN)10:20
SundayAI635Indore (IN)10:30
SundayAI425Kozhikode (IN)13:31
SundayAI405Varanasi (IN)13:54
SundayAI140Tel Aviv-Yafo (IL)06:32
SundayAI532Ahmedabad Airport (IN)00:04
SundayAI480Amritsar (IN)00:05
Disclaimer: the above timetable is given as an indication. Furthermore, codeshared flights may not be displayed.

The last delays recently noted:

AirlineFlightDelay on departureDelay on arrival
AI1912 on 06/2022
AI184 on 06/2022
AI806 on 06/2022
AI972 on 06/2022
AI142 on 06/2022
AI974 on 06/2022
AI884 on 06/2022
AI102 on 06/2022
AI188 on 06/2022
AI770 on 06/2022
AI1992 on 05/2022
AI120 on 05/2022
AI1912 on 05/2022
AI996 on 05/2022
AI972 on 05/2022
AI120 on 05/2022
AI635 on 05/2022
AI112 on 05/2022
AI468 on 05/2022
AI559 on 05/2022
AI440 on 05/2022
AI804 on 05/2022
AI134 on 05/2022
AI804 on 05/2022
AI660 on 05/2022
AI824 on 04/2022
AI404 on 04/2022
AI381 on 04/2022
AI140 on 04/2022
AI940 on 04/2022
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